Frequently asked


Frequently asked questions

Where can I find your books? Can my local bookstore get them?

All of our books are available in our bookstore, at, as well as wherever books are sold. We distribute through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Overdrive, and Smashwords, so both paper and digital versions of the books are available at nearly all retail and online outlets.

We are very happy to deal with your local bookstore, who can order the books through Ingram, or directly from us. Email merchant at propertiuspress dot com for wholesale information.

Are you interested in my novel (poetry, short story, non-fiction), etc.?

If you’d like us to consider your work, please visit our submissions portal. We can’t provide feedback any other way. Thank you.

Do you publish manuscripts from outside the United States?

Submissions, and our authors, are from all over the world. Yes indeed.

Is there a minimum or maximum finished page requirement for any of your submissions categories?

No. However, do read each submission category’s form information very carefully, and follow the guidelines for each section.

How should I format my manuscript?

We prefer William Shunn’s excellent guide to formatting manuscript submissions:

Also, please read this page carefully before submitting:

You should also read each submission category's form information very carefully before submitting, and ensure that your manuscript adheres to its requirements.

Do you consider works of poetry (fiction, mystery, biography, children’s literature), etc.? I do not see this category in your list at Submittable.

We consider many, many types of writing, including all of the above and more. However, if you do not see the category, it is probably closed due to the maximum number of submissions we can review within a reasonable period of time being met. When we have worked through the current submissions, we will open the category again for a certain number (between 50 and 200, depending). In addition, we have special categories that open for certain times of year (For example, April is National Poetry Month, so we accept certain types of poetry submissions during April regardless of the number of other submissions).

As always, the best way to stay current on what we are accepting is to check back frequently at the Submittable portal, and follow us on Social Media.

Do you charge your authors any fees for publishing or for editorial work?

No fees. We are a traditional, not-for-profit publisher.