Draw Down the Moon, A Collection of Short Stories

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Our third short story Anthology, entitled Draw Down the Moon from a line in Sextus Propertius's Book I, Love Poems to Cynthia, is a collection of stories that evolve along the theme of romantic love, with all its rawness, oddity, and power. A woman has her husband's consciousness downloaded into a voice box so they can continue to be together. A fortune teller falls in love with a winged boy at the Circus and struggles thinking of ways they can be together, for always. A widower learns about love from the movies. A kiss in the library leads to the question: is it a dream, or a cinnamon bun?

Draw Down the Moon will be available in print paperback and ebook in all digital formats, here in our Bookstore and wherever books are sold.

6" x 9", 366 pages. Printed on archival quality paper.

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