Seeing Red, by Mara Eve Robbins

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Ebook and Paperback release worldwide on May 3, 2021. 🌎

Poet and activist Mara Eve Robbins tells the story of the personal, legal, and physical struggles to protect the mountain streams and watersheds, the precious wildlife—flora and fauna, and the homes and livelihoods of folk caught up in the path of a fracked gas pipeline crossing the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. With insightful, gripping prose, centering around her friend Red Terry, who attracted international attention when she ascended into a tree to protect property that had been in her family for generations, the author relates an eyewitness account in courtrooms and forests, along creeks and backroads. Encounters with careless workers and law enforcement serve to bring the reality to the forefront as Robbins carefully and steadfastly paints the true picture of the issues in defending property and the environment from an unnecessary and destructive corporate land grab. Illustrated with dozens of color and black and white photos, and laced with quotes from news accounts, poems, and songs, SEEING RED will open your eyes and impel you to action.

Ebook available in all digital formats e.g., for Kindle, Sony, Kobo, Nook, as well as older Palm Pilots and text readers.

Paperback 6" x 9", printed on archival quality paper.

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