The Impish Humor of Marlon Brando, by Aubrey Malone

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ISBN eBook: 9780463500521
Author: Aubrey Malone
ISBN Paperback: TBA

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Scheduled for release Spring 2022

Here is a fascinating biography of the actor Marlon Brando, which focuses on his unique and mischievous sense of humor, something that has not been done in any previous biography of this actor. Full of anecdotes gathered from meticulous research into the papers, letters, and interviews of Brando's friends and colleagues, this book's purpose, according to the author, is to expand awareness of his multi-faceted personality to a new generation of film-goers. It will be enjoyed as well by film fans, scholars, universities and libraries. Illustrated with original black-and-white photographs.

6" x 9", 225 pages. Printed on archival quality paper.

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